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Complete Raw Food Balanced Diet for Cats

Balance play significance role in every life, but when its come for cats nutrition than its play very critical role. A unbalanced diet doesn’t contain all essential nutrients cats needs and it may creates health problems,  live a shorter and less happy life.

How Can I know which are the Balanced Diet for Cats

Cats are carnivores so their need for a balanced diet  are slightly special than dogs or people. They need plenty of animal protein (meat or fish). Even cats have particular desire for see foods, its also necessary to fed them meat regularly due to their requirement of taurine which is an amino acid. Tauine helps cats to develop their muscle .

Cats required approximately 50 key nutrients and some most important nutrients are vitamin C calcium, phosphorus and minerals magnesium.

Ceck this usefull video which explain you more about Balanced Diet for Cats with what is best or worst for your pets:-